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At J. we are seeking innovative and intelligent people to help us design, market, sell and support our fashion products portfolio to a diversified evolving market. We strive to hire only the best, create an exhilarating work environment and above all else, respect each individual's unique contributions.

Candidates may apply on the following available jobs:

Job Title: Fragrance Development Specialist/Asst. Manager Job Code: PD-010

Responsibilities :  


The fragrance development person has to perform different kind of tasks in the organization.

They are as follows:

  • One of the important responsibilities of a fragrance development Specialist/Asst.Manager is to make sure that the daily functions of the fragrance creation laboratory are executed in an effective mode of operation.
  • He is responsible for producing thoroughly investigated fragrances and perfumes that will help the organization to attain a good place in both the local and worldwide competitions.
  • He is needed to manage the overall functions of the organization and mainly focus on the fragrance enhancement procedures.
  • He is required to make sure that the organization has different kinds of fragrances ready at hand each time it deals with the dealers and traders. This will increase the competency of the organization and help it to acquire good business in the long term.
  • Another important responsibility of a fragrance development Specialist/Asst. Manager is to provide useful directions and guidance to the several personnel of the organization.These personnel can be assistant fragrance development Specialist/Asst. Managers,fragrance administrators, perfumers, fragrance creation laboratory Specialist/Asst. Managers, and other significant personnel of the organization.
  • He is expected to make sure that these personnel give their best performances during the operational hours of the organization. He may also provide various types of training sessions to these personnel so as to enhance their skills and proficiency in this field.
  • The training sessions given by the fragrance development Specialist/Asst. Manager can vary as per the requirement of the organization. He usually provides classroom training to the personnel to share some vital information about the industry. However, the training types are not restricted only to classroom training, but also to practical training sessions,one on one training sessions, on the job training sessions, off the job training sessions,etc.
  • He takes the responsibility of regularly evaluating the performances and work style of the professionals belonging to the fragrance development department.
  • He is also required to give appropriate feedback to these professionals and help them to improve on their performances and work methodologies. This not only develops the employees professionally, but also increases the quality of the various productions of the organization.
  • He is needed to keep up with the latest trends and updates of the fragrance development industry. He is also needed to make sure that his subordinates and other personnel of the department are on the same lines with the changing trends of the industry.



  • The fragrance development Specialist/Asst. Manager is needed to accomplish a master's or bachelor's degree in chemistry, science or any other associated sector of the industry.
  • He should possess excellent management and administrative abilities with proficient skills in executing fragrance evaluation processes.
  • Minimum of 5 - 7 years of work experience
  • He must have a creative personality and should be able to develop new and unique fragrances using his expertise and knowledge in this field.
  • He should possess great skills to exhibit proficient communication skills.
  • He must be a self-starter and independent worker with an ability to work under pressure.


Please feel free to email your complete resume with covering letter, recent photograph, two (2) references with job code to hr@junaidjamshed.com

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 Job Title: OUTLET MANAGERS  Job Code: SS-01
 Job Description & Requirements:
  •  Should be at least be a graduate.
  •  Should have 2 to 3 years working experience in a reputed brand.
  •  Must be computer literate.
  •  Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
  •  Should be able to manage sales team at branch.

Please feel free to email your complete resume with covering letter, recent photograph, two (2) references with job code to careers@junaidjamshed.com
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  Job Title: Sales Executives  Job Code: SS-02


We need ENTHUSIASTIC and AMBITIOUS Sales Executives with GREAT PEOPLE SKILLS to join our elite sales team, providing excellent customer service, at our nationwide outlets. We a well known brand and have dedicated customer base. Minimum Graduate, 1-2 years sales experience is desirable.  


Job Description & Requirements: 

  • Should min. Intermediate preferably graduate.
  • Should have 2 to 3 years sales experience in retail industry.
  • Well groomed and presentable.
  • Computer literate.
  • Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Willing to relocate at least for a year.

Please feel free to email your complete resume with covering letter, recent photograph, two (2) references with job code to careers@junaidjamshed.com

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